Jordan Film Rental

Military Items Rental Service

The Jordan Film Rental collects and rents hundreds of military items from heavy weaponry such as tanks and armored carriers to smaller field equipment like tents and binoculars. Every vehicle is maintained and guaranteed to run as needed to use in your film or event. Every vehicle rental includes a fully qualified driver trained to ensure the safe, reliable operation of our vehicles while meeting the performance expectations of your production.

Military Staff Actors

In coordination with ESRAV “Economic & Social Association of Retired Servicemen & Veterans” and the Jordan Heritage Revival Company


If we do not have the military vehicles you need, we make special arrangements to supply it with your color and features. There is no end to what we can do!


Jordan Film Rental has specialized, in house, professional, fully insured heavy equipment transportation / trucking capabilities. Our transportation professionals are familiar with the unique requirements of transporting heavy vehicles and are available at very competitive rates.